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It all started when...

Living in Los Angeles, you drive a lot.

To pass the time ( I spend at least 90 minutes in the car daily... if not more), I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts. The ones I enjoyed the most were where I learned something, like a 'crash course' in a certain topic.

Upon discovering there wasn't a podcast covering foreign entertainment, I decided that I would create a podcast that would cover individual foreign film & television industries.

I have been outlining/writing the episodes since November, and hope to have the first few up by the end of April.

Now more than ever we need to talk to each other, to listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema is the best medium for doing this.
— Martin Scorsese


1. International Film Industry

A basic overview of the international film industry. What the the major international film festivals? What is the difference between international sales agents and producer's reps? Why have ticket sales for international films dropped so much in the US?

2. International Television Industry

A basic overview of the international film industry. What are the LA Screenings? What is free-to-air tv? Why do most countries prefer procedural tv series over America's favorite serial tv series?

3. Chinese Film & Television Industry

Over the last few years, anyone in the entertainment industry has come to know China has become the largest market for film. What do Chinese audiences like? What do the laws prohibit in their content? What content is the Chinese film and television industry making on their own? And why hasn't the US television industry been able to succeed in China?

4. Marketing for Television Series vs Feature Films in 2016

As audience viewing habits change, what are marketers doing to reach them? What did USA's Mr Robot, HBO's Game of Thrones, and AMC's The Walking Dead do right? Did Twentieth Century Fox's marketing campaign for Deadpool have anything to do with the film's success? What new marketing techniques can we expect to see in 2017?

5. Film Musicals: Why do we love musical films? (And sometimes don't...)

With the success of La La Land, many in Hollywood are wondering if musicals are making a 'comeback'? What are some of the most successful film musicals of all time, and what did they do right? What movie musicals can you expect to see in 2017 and 2018?

6. Nigerian Film Industry

With the Nigerian film industry creating over 1,000 films a year... we should probably take notice. What is Nollywood vs Kannywood? Why should we pay attention to the content coming out of Nigeria?

7. Live TV & Film: What is this new phenomenon and will it last?

First Francis Ford Coppola, now Woody Harrelson. What is this new idea of filming tv series and feature films live? What are the cons of this process?

8. Indian Film Industry

The Indian film industry isn't just Bollywood. There are many other cultures and languages/dialects within the Indian film industry.  What is Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada films? How has Indian film culture influenced American films?

9. Mini-Series: The Middleground between TV & Film

Over the last few years, as the television industry grows in strength, there has been the question of whether the future of film lies in the mini-series. What mini-series have been most successful and why? Will we see more mini-series in years to come?


  1. International Film Industry
  2. International Television Industry
  3. Chinese Film & Television Industry
  4. Marketing for Television Series vs Feature Films in 2016
  5. Film Musicals: Why do we love musical films?
  6. Nigerian Film Industry
  7. Live TV & Film
  8. Indian Film & Television Industry
  9. Mini-Series: The Middleground between TV & Film
  10. Chilean Film Industry
  11. Russian Film Industry
  12. Japanese Film Industry
  13. VFX: Creating Visual Movie Magic
  14. Korean Film Industry
  15. French Film & Television Industry
  16. Canadian Film & Television Industry
  17. Biographical Films: Why do we love real life stories?