Katherine is a determined, hard-working, and loyal entertainment professional, who aspires to be a creative executive in film/television, and is currently seeking full-time time work as an Administrative Assistant / Executive Assistant in the Los Angeles area. She has a passion for historical dramas and documentaries, as well as animation/family entertainment, and has a lot of interest in the international market. In the last year, she moved to LA, and determined to learn about the entertainment industry, she obtained six different entertainment-related internships (although she was no longer a 'student') and completed them all in a year. 

Katherine most recently interned with the Jim Henson Company/Jim Henson Creature Shop in the business development office, working under the VP Business Development. She previously was a news reporter/intern for MXDWN Television and MXDWN Movies, where she wrote over 200 articles about the latest entertainment news. She has also previously interned with companies such as The Hollywood Reporter, APA Agency, and Paramount Pictures.

She has an MBA in Entertainment Business and Film & Television Producing. Originally from Colorado, after receiving her bachelors degree in the Silicon Valley, she moved to San Diego to complete her postgraduate studies, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

"I have maintained a conscious determined endeavor to try to understand the world in which I live in a spirit of humility and respect for the facts and for history. We [have] all taken part in it... I [seek] only to picture the essence of things. I [have] absolutely no interest in telling a romanticized tale along the usual lives of film drama. The actual facts [are] each more dramatic than any screen cliche."  - Roberto Rossellini