Katherine is a recent graduate of a Masters program in Entertainment Business and Film & Television Producing. Originally from Colorado, after receiving her bachelors degree in the Silicon Valley, she moved to San Diego to complete her postgraduate studies, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Currently, Katherine works for the Jim Henson Company/Jim Henson Creature Shop in the business development office, is managing editor for MXDWN Television, and is preparing to release her own podcast 'Global Cinema Corner' in June.

"I have maintained a conscious determined endeavor to try to understand the world in which I live in a spirit of humility and respect for the facts and for history. We [have] all taken part in it... I [seek] only to picture the essence of things. I [have] absolutely no interest in telling a romanticized tale along the usual lives of film drama. The actual facts [are] each more dramatic than any screen cliche."  - Roberto Rossellini


Global Cinema Corner

In June, Katherine will launch a podcast which will cover specific foreign film & television industries, such as Germany, Nigeria, India, China, France, etc. as well as general international entertainment trends.

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MXDWN Movies & TV

Katherine is managing editor for MXDWN Television, after previously working as both a film and television news writer for mxdwn.com. She has written 200+ articles for the site, as well as written reviews and feature articles for the website.

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'Inya' Short Film

For Katherine's MBA thesis project, she directed and produced a 12-minute short film called 'Inya', about a woman who suffers from hoarding, and comes to acquire a 1-year old girl. The film premiered in September 2016.

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